32nd EFFoST International Conference 2018

Developing innovative food structures and functionalities through process and reformulation to satisfy consumer needs and expectations

6-8 November 2018 | Nantes, France

At the 32nd EFFoST International Conference food scientists and food industry experts gathered to debate and discuss the recent trends in food science and food processing. The conference focused on re-establishing trust and mutual understanding between “industry” and “consumers” for the benefit of both parties and for the benefit of the health and wellbeing of the European consumers.

When foods are pushed by objectives such as the clean label trend, vegan foods, ‘free from’ foods (gluten, lactose etc.), reduction of salt, sugar, lipids, and therefore when reformulation means less ingredients, food processing appears very often as the ultimate means to keep food safe, good and with adapted shelf life. In addition, consumers and industry expect sustainable solutions with reduced environmental footprint. 

All steps of food production are important: ingredients sourcing, assembly and process of transformation, packaging, cold chain etc. The industry is stretched between new sourcing, which is sometimes unsustainable and local sourcing, which has limitations. Minimal processing to keep the nutrition values of raw ingredients is often expected by consumers but again has limitations. Lastly, education and communication are of ultimate importance to achieve a trustable link between consumers and industry; this encompasses the development of the factory of tomorrow that must be as transparent as possible to the public.


Conference Topics

  • Reformulation and New Sourcings: salt, sugar, lipids reduction, plant proteins, insects, etc 
  • Structure and Function: 2D and 3D Tomography, Emulsions, Interfaces, foams, crystallisation, application in Dairy sector and others
  • Innovative Conventional and Non Thermal Processes: Thermal processes, Refrigeration, HPP, PEF, PLASMA etc 
  • Additive Manufacturing: Cereal Processing and Baking special session with ICC (International Association for Cereal Science and Technology)
  • Biotechnology, Bioprocesses in Food and Nutrition: Probiotics, prebiotics, Microbiota, fermented foods, new strategies
  • Safety, Microbiology: Food shelf life, innovative packaging, microbial stability
  • Modelling and Process Control: Sensors, CFD modelling, etc
  • Food Oral Processing and Sensory Perception
  • The Future of Foods: Education, Consumers science and emerging expectations, the factory of the future

For more information visit www.effostconference.com.

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