2013 EFFoST Annual Meeting

Bio-based Technologies in the Context of European Food Innovation Systems

13-15 November 2013 | Bologna, Italy


The 27th EFFoST Annual Meeting was held in Bologna, Italy from 13-15 November 2013 under the theme 'Bio-based Technologies in the Context of European Food Innovation Systems'.  There was a strong growthing interest in the relationship between food consumption, public health, well-being, healthy ageing and more general aspects such as sustainability and resource efficiency; so much so that developments in these food research areas were included as a bio-based technology component of the Priority “Societal Challenges” platform within the EU’s Horizon 2020 vision documents. The conference programme focused on two topic streams, namely bio-based scientific approaches for food-human wellbeing interaction and bio-based technologies for industry competitiveness.


Conference topics

I. Consumer well-being
a. Diet-host interaction: biotech / metabolomic approaches

  • Gut microflora / food design relationship
  • Safety aspect of food associated microorganisms
  • Molecular determinants / food formulation
  • Probiotics from genomics to functionality

b. Diet and physical activity

  • Level of physical activity and diet needs & interaction
  • High level
  • Intermediate
  • Low – sedentary

c. Healthy ageing

II. Industry competitiveness
a. Technology innovation by omic approaches / bioprocesses

  • Enzymes & biocatalysis
  • Biomasses & biopolymers
  • Process ecology / sustainability
  • Biorefinery

b. Bio-based analytical approaches for food quality

  • Metabolomic and food characterization
  • Genuinity / authenticity / adulteration
  • Structural proteomic
  • Genomic and metagenomic in evaluation of food safety

Please visit  www.effostconference.com for information on the next EFFoST International Conference.

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