Mission, vision and aims

Our mission

Food for all in a changing world

Our vision

The growing world population, the changing climate, the reducing biodiversity and geopolitical and social tensions put pressure on the availability of agro resources and their safe transformation in food for all. Hence, food and nutritional security and sustainable food systems are key topics for the coming decennia. All creativity, knowledge, entrepreneurial spirit and sustainable innovation pathways should be mobilised to guarantee availability and access to food for the coming generations.

Our ambitions

EFFoST wants to:

  • Translate its mission and vision into concrete education, research and development activities in Europe
  • Make expert knowledge available and demonstrate that food science and engineering are crucial for feeding the world.
  • Enable all food professionals to share their most creative thoughts in order to reach breakthrough solutions for more sustainable food systems.

Our aims

EFFoST aims to:

  • Provide a sound and independent European platform for all food professionals (students, researchers, entrepreneurs, policy makers, consumers) for the enhancement of food science and technology.
  • Interact and form alliances with all related disciplines and bodies in food and associated sectors to efficiently speed up the needed changes
  • Address the needs of professionals, such as job opportunities for young scientists, innovation pathways for SME’s, transparent and clear expert knowledge for consumers etc.
  • Create a European network for knowledge transfer and revealing the rich and diverse European food culture and the contribution to global value chains.

Some of our guiding principles

  • Food science and technology are broadly defined and range from nutrition to process engineering.
  • We work closely with member societies and organisations to ensure that activities are synergistic and build on expertise and initiative at the local level.
  • We also work with governmental organisations such as the European Commission and the European Food Safety Authority.
  • EFFoST is a flexible and pragmatic organisation. We rely largely on voluntary efforts and encourage our members to engage directly in our activities.
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