Young EFFoST Day 2020

In light of the global pandemic COVID-19, and the changes to our way of life, Young EFFoST Day focused on strengthening our ability to communicate impactfully, whether remotely or in person. The first part of the day was hosted by Virtuozo, a firm specializing in coaching presenters for the world-renowned TED conferences. In the second part of the afternoon, the Young EFFoST Day attendees were divided into interactive groups on a range of fascinating topics, from how to take the first steps in creating a startup to setting up think panels on topics which are at the heart of our work as food scientists.

Read more about the highlights of Young EFFoST Day 2020 here.

For whom:       Young food professionals working in academia, industry and/or start-ups

When:              12 November 2020, from 13:00 - 16:15 (CET), right after EFFoST 2020 conference

Where:            On the EFFoST conference platform


The Young EFFoST Day 2020 programme

13:00 – 13:05

Welcome & introduction of Young EFFoST Day programme
Dr Dafna Pascoviche, Eden Eran Nagar and Alon Romano from the Biotechnology & Food Engineering Technion


13:05 - 13:15

Presentation of Young EFFoST and the YE council
Felix Schottroff, Senior Scientist at University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences, Vienna


13:15 – 14:55

Influential communication workshop
Mrs Natalie Barnet Nagar, Senior Facilitator from Virtuozo

These extraordinary times call for improving our communication skills, especially via online media. Our message needs to be concise; any communication, even non-verbal, needs to be fluent, respectful, and supportive of our message. Join us for an inspirational workshop with official TED coachers - Virtuozo.

This workshop will emphasis:  

  • Key mechanics and principles that underlie great impact and presence
  • Personal growth points that are getting in the way of conveying the full power of your ideas
  • Specific personal tools and behaviours that will significantly enhance impact
  • Using voice, body and strategically crafted content to create “pull” rather than “push”
  • Easy to use models for crafting, structuring and sharing ideas in formal and informal situations
  • How to read the audience and adjust your approach accordingly in real-time

14:55- 15:05



15:05 - 16:05

Interactive group sessions
Attendees will be divided into discussion groups, according to their personal interest. The discussions will be directed by professional moderators who will navigate the discussion according to thoughts and questions suggested by the participants themselves, to make the discussion as relevant and inspiring as possible.



1. The future of food science and industry: the end of an era or a beginning of a new dawn?
Chaired by Dr. Alejandro Marabi, Food Technologist, Sr. R&D Manager at PepsiCo

2. From technology to start-up – guiding principles
Chaired by Mr Memi Genosar, startup advisor

3. COVID-19 impact on our daily lives and work: Turning life’s lemons into lemonade
Chaired by Prof. Serafim Bakalis, Department of Food Science at the University of Copenhagen

4. Collaborations between academia and industry – advantages, difficulties and how to encourage them
Chaired by Prof. Ester Segal, Multifunctional Nanomaterials Biotechnology & Food Engineering, Technion

5. How to plan an academic career as a young researcher?
Chaired by Prof. Maya Davidovich-Pinhas, Laboratory of lipids and soft matter, Technion

6. Are we doing enough (whether academia or industry) towards a “greener” more sustainable world?
Chaired by Prof. Anet Re┼żek Jambrak, Laboratory for sustainable development, University of Zagreb


16:05 - 16:15

Summarization and thank-you's.



The Young EFFoST Day 2020 was held at the 34th EFFoST International Conference that explored the theme 'Bridging high-tech, food-tech and health: Consumer-oriented innovations'EFFoST2020 was hosted by Technion, Israel Institute of Technology and held online from 10-12 November.

Make sure to register! Find the latest information on the EFFoST Conference website


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