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Young EFFoST is managed by the Young EFFoST Council consisting of early-career, active food scientists and professionals from different European countries.

The Young EFFoST Council

Felix Schottroff – Young EFFoST Chair
Felix Schottroff is a Post-Doc at the Institute of Food Technology, University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences (BOKU), Vienna and head of the BOKU Core Facility Food & Bio Processing. Felix received his PhD in January 2020, with his thesis on “Tailoring electrotechnologies for microbial inactivation in food and bioprocess engineering – Inactivation mechanisms, processing concepts, and equipment design”. In his current research, Felix focusses on various novel and non-thermal technologies for microbial inactivation, taking into account inactivation mechanisms, product quality, process and equipment design. Felix has scientific and practical experience from a variety of industry as well as research projects and has a strong passion for topics at the interface of microbiology and process engineering.





Helen Saar - Young EFFoST Secretary 
Helen Saar is a food science professional in an R&D company aiming at development and introduction of innovative food and fermentation technologies. Helen has obtained her BSc degree in Food Engineering and Product Development at Tallinn University of Technology. She finished her master´s in Food Science at the University of Copenhagen combined with studies in molecular nutrition and public health at Wageningen University& Research. She has a professional background in microbiology, alcoholic fermentation, food safety, and quality, and product development. Helen has also been active in the food start-up space by scouting for food ventures in a start-up accelerator and being part of creating a social impact food venture.




Jessica Genovese – Newsletter management
Jessica Genovese is a PhD candidate at University of Bologna, Department of Agricultural and Food Science (DISTAL). She received her BSc in Food Science and Technology from the University of Catania in 2011, focusing on the study of enzymatic browning in vegetable and animal tissues. In 2013, she completed her MSc in Food Science and Technology at the University of Bologna, presenting her dissertation on the influence of fruit ripening stages on the production of minimally processed fruits. After a period of work as a Food Technologist in the food industry, she started a 2-year period as a research fellow at the University of Bologna. In 2019, she started her PhD researching the application and optimisation of pulsed electric fields treatments in food processing, with a primary focus on increasing the velocity of mass transfers and the production of functional food.





Cinzia Mannozzi – Social media management
Cinzia Mannozzi is a Post-Doc at Polytechnic University of Marche, Department of Agricultural, Food and Environmental Sciences. She received a PhD degree in Agricultural, Environmental and Food Science and Technology from the University of Bologna in 2019. Her PhD research project dealt with the identification and development of innovative technologies for transformation/processing (eg. pulsed electric field, ohmic heating, vacuum impregnation, high pressure of homogenization) and packaging (edible coatings) of different types of plant-based products in order to maintain and/or increase their quality and stability. In 2019, she started her Post-Doc position working on the VEGGIE-MED-CHEESES project researching and studying the technological characteristics of vegetable coagulants for the production of new high-value Mediterranean cheeses. Besides that, she is investigating the application of thermal and non-thermal treatments with the objective to ensure the quality and the safety of Tenebrio molitor larvae.




Christina Dietz – Membership Management & Communication
Christina Dietz is a final year Sensory and Brewing Science PhD student at the University of Nottingham (UK). She received a Bachelor’s degree in Food Management from Weihenstephan-Triesdorf University of Applied Sciences in Germany and a Master’s degree in Food Technology from Wageningen University in The Netherlands. Since February 2017, Christina is working on an industry-funded PhD project funded by Totally Natural Solutions Ltd. This project focuses on multimodal stimuli in CO2 hop extracts to be used as clean label flavouring preparations contributing to olfactory, gustatory, and trigeminal sensations in beer.





Lukas Luggin - Event & Seminar Manager 
Lukas Luggin is a food technologist, currently working in the innovation and energy department of the Südtiroler Bauernbund, the farmers association in South Tyrol (Italy). There, Lukas is mainly contributing his expertise to the EIP-Agri Operational Group “INNOProdukte”. The project aims to support farmers by promoting product and processing innovation of regional raw materials such as vegetables, fruit, herbs, and dairy, in order to sustain and increase the economic viability of mountain farming. Lukas has completed his Masters in Food Innovation and Product Design (FIPDes) in 2020. The FIPDes program is an Erasmus Mundus joint Master’s degree, which involves a consortium of 4 different universities: AgroParisTech (France), Technological University of Dublin (Ireland), University of Naples Federico II (Italy), and Lund University (Sweden). The program aims to address the challenges in the sector of food innovation along with product design and packaging.



Christopher McHardy – Young EFFoST Day Coordinator 
Christopher McHardy is currently working as a Post-Doc at Technische Universität Berlin, Chair of Food Biotechnology and Food Process Engineering, where he is leading the Biothermofluiddynamics working group. He holds a Master's degree in Brewing and Beverage Technology from TU Munich and a Ph.D. in Food Technology from TU Berlin. His research focus is on engineering all kinds of food processing technologies with special emphasis on the processing of multiphase food systems, the development of sustainable food processing technologies, and the valorization of microalgae biomass.





Organisation Young EFFoST Day 2021






Greta Canelli completed her Master in Food Technology at Wageningen University and she is currently a doctoral candidate at ETH Zurich in the Laboratory of Sustainable Food Processing. Her research focuses on microalgae upstream and downstream processing for the enhancement of omega-3 fatty acids bioaccessibility and oxidative stability in the whole biomass.



Klara Haas received her PhD in Food Technology from the University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences in 2019 at BOKU in Vienna. She currently continues her scientific work on food powders at the Nestlé Research Center in Lausanne.


Hanna Lesme received a PhD in Food Sciences in 2019 and is now a Post-Doc at EPFL, Lausanne. Her research project aims to explore the interactions between plant proteins and salivary proteins to reduce the astringent perception of plant-based beverages with high protein content.



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