1st Young EFFoST network meeting

The EYES for your future career in Food Science and Technology

For whom:   Students, early career food scientists and food professionals attending the EFFoST conference

When:            5 November 2018 – from 12:30 - 23.00; one day before the 32nd EFFoST conference

Where:          La cité des congrès,  Nantes in France

The event will start at lunch (12pm) where there will be the opportunity for networking. During the afternoon, several topics will be addressed taking into account the life cycle of typical science projects: starting from funding, continuing with results and finalizing with communication strategies to share those findings within the scientific community and general public.

In the evening, all the participants will meet at the Art Museum of Nantes for a dining cocktail. The gathering of Arts, Foods, and Scientists will provide a perfect opportunity to build your network and to discuss with experienced scientists!

Find the complete Young EFFoST network meeting programme here

Find practical information on how to get to the meeting venue here.



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