Young EFFoST Day 2019

We are happy to announce the 2nd Young EFFoST day, which will take place in Rotterdam, the Netherlands on the 11 November 2019. We invite all young food professionals for an exciting day packed with inspiring talks, an interactive programme and tasty foods. The Young EFFoST day 2019 will revolve around the theme ‘Performing by Connecting’ and focuses on the interaction between young food professionals working in science, industry and/or start-ups. By connecting the worlds of academia and commerce we aim to both inspire and facilitate interaction between them. The Young EFFoST day will provide ample opportunity to expand your professional network in food science. 

For whom:       Young food professionals working in academia, industry and/or start-ups

When:              11 November 2019, from 14:00 - 22.00, the day before the EFFoST 2019 conference

Where:            Rotterdam, The Netherlands

Young EFFoST Day 2019 Programme:


Registration at the Postillion Convention Centre WTC Rotterdam 



Opening talk by Niek Koning
By taking us through the history of our food production system, Niek Koning will provide context to the work we do today in the field of Agriculture and Food Science. This opening presentation will surely provide some food for thought and will set the stage for an inspiring day packed with discussion and networking.



Networking: Meet your European colleagues
To create the right setting to make new connections, we will hand out interactive bracelets that will help you to find people with whom you share a common interest. The bracelets will light up in the colour of your shared interest, which is based on a questionnaire you will complete before the event.



From an innovative idea to start-up
Food scientists often work on innovative ideas that could potentially solve problems or result in novel products. However, the path from an idea to a successful company is most often a challenging one. We have invited several established start-ups to share their journey and learn from their challenges, pitfalls, and successes!



Young EFFoST Networking event
For this second network session, attendees of the main EFFoST conference are also invited in order to initiate connections between the younger generation with more established food professionals over drinks and snacks at Rotterdam City Hall.



Dinner with 3MT pitch competition
A short walk leads us to the lovely dinner location at the Arminius Church, where we will enjoy a tasty dinner. The 3MT competition will be held in between courses when a number of selected participants will give their 3-minute research pitches from the pulpit. A professional jury together with the public will select the Young EFFoST winner of 2019!
Interested in participating in the 3MT competition? Find more information here.



Download the Young EFFoST Day programme flyer here.

The Young EFFoST day 2019 is organized by three PhD candidates from various food science departments at Wageningen University. Introducing the Young EFFoST Day 2019 committee:

  • Arianne van Eck is researching the impact of food properties of food components on oral processing behaviour, bolus properties and sensory perception of composite foods at the Food Quality and Design group.
  • Steven Cornet works at Wageningen Food and Biobased Research and the Food Process Engineering group on the water binding and water release properties of meat analogues to ultimately understand and improve their juiciness.
  • Alexander Dank works at the Food Microbiology group and researches the effect of slow growth on microbial metabolism and physiology, with the aim of exploiting these near-zero growth conditions for various biotechnological applications like aroma production and product fortifications.

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