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The preparation and processing of food is a constantly changing arena for creative minds. Consumer needs ultimately lead to changes in the way food is processed. Through market research, the food industry is continually trying to predict what the consumer wants. Such predictions have led to the search for tasty, convenient and, where possible, low-calorie food at a competitive price. Furthermore, nutritional research and changes in our understanding of nutrition and health undoubtedly also drive changes in the way food is processed. Correspondingly, what is available on the shelf will affect consumers' choices and thus influence their health.

The EFFoST working group on Health & Food is dedicated to bringing together nutrition and food scientists to advance scientific progress in the field of nutrition and food science in order to contribute to healthy and sustainable nutrition for the global population. The main purpose of the working group is to support interdisciplinary networking and research in the field of nutrition and food science. By generating synergies through the exchange of knowledge and through newly established collaboration across the boundaries of disciplines new knowledge with the focus on health and food will be generated. With its interdisciplinary structure, the working group aims to connect experimental, epidemiological and clinical nutrition research with behavioural sciences and social medicine to food science and technology and food production.

The Health & Food working group strives to facilitate the exchange of knowledge and technology between food and nutrition professionals and to foster objective communication on nutrition and food science issues.

The working group members are scientists, scientific institutions, associations and companies from the field of nutrition and food science and related disciplines, stakeholders and political institutions.

Suggested topics:

  • Engineering of safe and nutritious foods
  • Sustainable development of functional food components
  • Optimizing foods for health
  • Food personalization
  • Metabolomics for precision nutrition
  • Healthy dietary patterns in chronic disease prevention


The EFFoST Working Group on Food & Health is chaired by:


Dr Sara Bußler is a postdoctoral researcher in the research programme 'Quality and Safety of Food and Feed' at the Leibniz Institute for Agricultural Engineering and Bioeconomy. Her research aims to develop innovative technological concepts for the production of functional food ingredients from alternative plant and animal bioresources. Her interest in this research area is based on the need to drive forward the development of a sustainable food system that protects and respects biodiversity and ecosystems. In addition, it strives to be culturally acceptable, accessible, economically equitable and affordable, nutritionally adequate, safe and healthy, while optimising the use of natural and human resources.

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