Science to Society Award 2016

December 10, 2016

The recently established EFFoST Science to Society Award recognizes individuals or organizations whose work has advanced understanding and appreciation of the value of food science and technology to society.

After its presentation to the International Union of Food Science and Technology in 2015, this year’s award was given to dr. Jürgen Lucas from the European Commission, Brussels.

In his laudatio the president of EFFoST Dietrich Knorr, summarized dr. Lucas career as a food scientist at the University of Bonn, Germany. Prof. Knorr noted that dr. Lucas decided to move to the European Commission to serve in various key functions devoted to food science, nutrition and bio-economy. Prof. Knorr stressed the awardees personal involvement and dedication to food science in all recent EFFoST annual conferences, his personal experience with Dr. Lucas within various EC funded projects, most notable the large integrated projects PRO EU HEALTH and NovelQ, his willingness to listen and to pick up new, emerging areas of research needs and his tireless efforts to implement those research needs in EC calls/projects whenever possible.

Reflecting on his longstanding acquaintance with Jürgen Lucas, Prof. Knorr finally recognized the always fair and professional relationship he experienced between the EC scientific officer and the grant receiving scientific community in Europe.

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