Invitation to Data4Food2030 Backcasting Workshop: Shaping the Future of Sustainable Food Systems

May 17, 2024

Data4Food2030, a project supported by the European Commission horizon funds, aims to understand and shape the development of the data economy within the food systems of EU Member States.

Data4Food2030 partners have organized a workshop that presents a unique opportunity for stakeholders to contribute to the creation of sustainable and inclusive pathways for the future. 

This event will take part in Brussels, Belgium on June 18, 2024, from 9:30 AM to 2:00 PM. 

Why Should You Attend?

  • Influence the Future -the purpose of this workshop is to have experts and stakeholders like you share your insights and contributions which will shape the trajectory of the data economy in EU food systems.
  • Meaningful Dialogue where you will  engage in collaborative discussions with key stakeholders around potential future scenarios.
  • Gain exclusive access to the plausible future scenarios crafted from our previous workshops across Europe.
  • The workshop will  be interactive and in it you will work alongside stakeholders to map out strategic pathways for achieving sustainable outcomes by 2030, starting from visions of 2050.

Data4Food2030 is a Pan-European Initiative: While the Brussels workshop focuses on local and regional stakeholders, it's part of a broader initiative with parallel workshops taking place across Europe (specifically Spain, Slovenia, Latvia, Poland and the Netherlands). 

All partcipants with a background in including but not limited to data processes within food systems, interests in policy development, and/or a passion for sustainable food systems are welcome to join this event.

You can directly register for the event via this registration link

  • Venue: FARI - AI for the Common Good, Cantersteen 16, near Gare Central, Brussels 

  • Catering: A light breakfast and lunch will be provided during the event 

More information about the agenda and programme will be available closer to the event date. 

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