The 40th EFFoST International conference is approaching: become our anniversary host!

April 04, 2024

The 40th International conference is approaching and we are looking for European universities and research institutes to host this special event in 2026. It is a great opportunity to showcase your research, raise your profile and help to shape the future of the Food Science & Technology.

Each year, the scientific programme of this 2.5-day event is organised by a different local organising committee. For 2026, EFFoST is encouraging Universities or Research Centres in the field of Food Science and Technology with an excellent scientific reputation to submit their bid.

The bid process consists of two rounds. The first round requires interested European affiliated members of EFFoST to submit an Expression of Interest to by 3 May 2024. On 14 May 2024, selected organisations will be invited to submit a full proposal before 26 June 2024. Find the Full Bid Procedure here.

The annual EFFoST International conference is a highlight for many professionals working in Food Science and Technology. It is an important scientific event that brings together researchers, scientists, technologists, engineers, policymakers, professionals and students from multidisciplinary food-related fields. Our conferences inspire a cross-pollination of new knowledge, ideas and applications. Additionally, it promotes networking and collaboration and it enhances academia and industry synergism in the quest for sustainable food innovations for the global economy and society.

For more information see the Full Bid ProcedureExpression of Interest form and the overview of the Roles and Responsibilities.
Find out more about past EFFoST conferences here.

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