FoodDataQuest will develop ground-breaking data-driven solutions based on an integrated methodological framework that explores new types of private and public data sources, data from “unconventional players” and non-competitive data, and leverages data sharing mechanisms.

These data-driven solutions will provide the EU food chain stakeholders with increased insights and enhance the transition towards sustainable healthy diets. The proposed framework will include guidelines and data collection strategies, to drive the food system transformation towards inclusive, sustainable, healthy diets within the boundaries of legal and policy frameworks.

FoodDataQuest will co-create and test advanced data-driven solutions based on AI and ML algorithms, following a multi-actor approach that will serve as a lighthouse that positively impacts a fair, healthy and environmentally friendly food system. Last, FoodDataQuest will engage citizens into industry’s data-driven innovations balancing between data openness and protection of private and sensitive data of multiple stakeholders.


SET-UP a methodological framework consisting of innovative methods, state-of-the-art technologies, reliable processes widely accepted and open data standards, and interoperable systems that facilitate data sharing throughout the EU food chains and reduce the fragmentation and complexity of food systems.

ANALYSE the current landscape of data sharing in the entire food chain and examine the use of emerging digital technologies such as Data Analytics, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning towards the enhancement of food system sustainability.

DEMONSTRATE the effectiveness of the proposed methodological framework through the co-creation and validation of four (4) use cases with the active engagement of relevant stakeholders from the food chain that will pave the way for a sustainable, fair, healthy, and environmentally friendly food system.

INTRODUCE the project’s results based on digital and data technologies to relevant policy-making organizations and standardization initiatives to foster policy reforms related to inclusive and sustainable food systems and increase the global competitiveness of European data ecosystems.
ENSURE wide communication and scientific dissemination of the project’s outcomes by consolidating international and European links, raising awareness, engaging citizens, enhancing multi-stakeholder cooperation and information-sharing, and ensuring the technology transfer of the project’s results and their rapid uptake.

Project information


Project coordinator: EV ILVO

Duration: 1 February 2024 - 1 February 2028

Funding program: European Union’s Horizon 

Grant Agreement no:  101134138


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