ENOUGH- Providing resources to achieve climate neutral food businesses

The ENOUGH project is a groundbreaking initiative that seeks to address one of the biggest environmental challenges of our time - the contribution of food systems to global greenhouse gas emissions.

According to recent estimates, food systems account for between 20 to 40% of total emissions, making them a key area for action to achieve climate neutrality. ENOUGH aims to contribute to the EU Farm to Fork strategy by providing innovative technologies, tools, and methods to reduce GHG-emissions by at least 50% by 2050, improve energy efficiency by 2030, and increase the overall sustainability of food systems.


The consortium, composed of 28 partners from 12 European countries, brings together experts from across the food chain, from harvest to consumption, including processing, transport, retail, and domestic sectors. Through its work, the project aims to demonstrate promising technological solutions applied within the main sectors of the food chain fordifferent product categories, such as meat, fish, fruits/vegetables, and dairy.

The ENOUGH project has several objectives, including:

  • identifying how to achieve climate neutrality for food businesses,
  • improving integrated sustainability, and meeting societal goals.
  • increase awareness among policymakers, businesses, investors, entrepreneurs, institutions, stakeholders, and citizens of selected innovative systemic solutions and their potential for uptake at the EU scale.

By achieving these objectives, ENOUGH seeks to provide selected innovative technological systemic solutions and their potential for uptake at the EU level.

This project represents a vital step towards creating a more sustainable food system that can help us achieve our environmental goals. By drawing together expertise from across the food chain and showing the potential of innovative technological solutions, ENOUGH can contribute significantly to a more sustainable future.

Project information:

Website: https://enough-emissions.eu/

Project coordinator:

Duration: 30 September 2022 - 30 September 2024

Funding program: Horizon Europe

Grant Agreement no:  101036588


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