Offering a concrete pathway and necessary tools for establishing an appropriate operational environment for the future European Partnership for Sustainable Food Systems (SFS) for People, Planet & Climate.

FOODPathS is a pioneering project funded by the European Commission, aimed at establishing a sustainable operational environment for the upcoming European Partnership for Sustainable Food Systems (SFS) for People, Planet & Climate. The project endeavors to engage with various stakeholders from across the food system to create a comprehensive framework in which the Partnership will operate.


To achieve its main objective, FOODPathS aims to develop a ‘Prototype Partnership for Sustainable Food Systems' that embraces a systems approach and aims to shift mindsets towards accelerating the transition to SFS. This Prototype will be the first version of how the future Partnership will function and will encompass all its components, including:

  • An innovative, effective, and inclusive governance model and Modus operandi with aligned and committed co-funders,
  • A Strategic Research & Innovation Agenda (SRIA) supporting Food2030 priorities, including science-to-policy and education programs for FS,
  • A European Hub of co-creating local FS Labs following a Code of Conduct and sustainability chart developed by a branded network of exemplary universities,
  • An FS Network of local and global players with a toolkit for co-benefits and trade-offs,
  • New co-creation concepts, FS approach and Observatory.

FOODPathS will not only present the Prototype in 2023/2024 but will also accompany the future Partnership at its start by providing methodologies, digital tools, programs, working protocols, and a dedicated multi-level, inclusive governance model. The project brings together 17 partners from funding organizations, public institutions, academia, research and education organizations, private and farming sectors (including SMEs), philanthropic organizations, NGOs, and not-for-profit organizations across Europe. These partners represent networks of potential co-funders, regional and local policymakers, universities, private parties and farmers, consumers, and civil society.

Thanks to appropriate resources and events, all these necessary stakeholders along the food chain will be actively involved in shaping the future FS Partnership. FOODPathS is committed to transforming the food system into a more sustainable and equitable model that benefits people, the planet, and the climate.

Project information:


Project coordinator: INRAE

Duration: 1 June 2022 - 30 November 2025

Funding program: European Union’s Horizon

Grant Agreement no:  101059497



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