FOX: Food-In-A-Box

Alongside the many activities of the membership organisation, EFFoST is also a partner in a number of food-related projects funded by the European Union. We have a successful track record in communicating and disseminating knowledge gained in coordination and research projects, as well as creating business plans to exploit project outcomes.

We are sustaining and creating a European network for knowledge transfer and use our existing network of food science and technology professionals to promote project outcomes. Within EU projects we work closely with member societies and organisations to ensure that activities are synergistic and build on expertise and initiative at the local level. Furthermore, we work with governmental organisations such as the European Commission and the European Food Safety Authority. Our involvement in EU projects helps us to achieve our ambitions and aims. EFFoST has also developed publications and organizes events on topical issues of industrial relevance.

Below an overview of the project EFFoST had partnered in:



FOX is an EU-funded project that aims to transform large-scale technologies for the processing of fruits and vegetables, to small, flexible and mobile unitsĀ for small and medium enterprises and farmers.

This way, FOX stimulates short food supply chains; transitioning from a more centralised industry to local production hubs that employ innovative, flexible and sustainable technologies based on seasonality and demand.  

To meet the expectations of present-day consumers for food they can trust that is as natural as possible, FOX will focus on mild processing technologies. This includes low temperature drying, mild extraction, mild preservation using pulsed electric field or high pressure, innovative conditioning and packaging and rapid quality testing. As a result, a variety of fruit/vegetable products can be produced with superior physical and nutritional quality and so contributing to a healthier food diet.

Finally, the potential for new business opportunities will be exploited and strategies will be designed to engage consumers in product development processes. These activities using the FOX approach will be informed by impact assessments on the environment, business, people and their health. To promote the FOX approach of small scale technologies for regional food systems, a Europe-wide Interest Group of Small Scale food Processors will be set up that will also foster the dialogue to deliver policy recommendations.

Project information:

  • Website:
  • Coordinated by: DIL Deutsches Institut für Lebensmitteltechnik e. V.
  • Project coordinator: Kerstin Pasch
  • Duration: June 2019 to November 2023
  • Funding program: European Union’s Horizon 2020
  • Grant agreement no.: 817683



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