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EFFoST participates in many food related EU projects. We are responsible for the propagation of the knowledge gained in these projects. We have extensive experience in dissemination activities in EU funded projects. EFFoST has also developed publications and organizes events on topical issues of industrial relevance.

We are sustaining and creating a European network for knowledge transfer and use our existing network of food science and technology professionals to promote the project outcomes. Within EU projects we work closely with member societies and organisations to ensure that activities are synergistic and build on expertise and initiative at the local level. Furthermore, we work with governmental organisations such as the European Commission and the European Food Safety Authority. Our involvement in EU projects help us to achieve our ambitions and aims.

  • NanoPack: nanotechnology-based product packaging to increase food quality

    NanoPack: nanotechnology-based product packaging to increase food quality

    NanoPack is an EU-funded project, which aims to develop and demonstrate a solution for extending food shelf life by using novel antimicrobial surfaces applied in active food packaging products. Read more about NanoPack: nanotechnology-based product packaging to increase food quality



    The OLEUM project will develop new and improve existing analytical methods for detecting olive oil fraud, and improve technology sharing by establishing of a wide community of laboratories and institutions involved in quality control. Read more about OLEUM



    KATANA supports European SMEs and start-ups in the agrifood value chain to access knowledge, technology, capital and markets in order to respond to the global competitive environment. Read more about KATANA



    INNO-4-AGRIFOOD will foster and stimulate online collaboration for innovation amongst the more than 11 million SMEs active within the European Agri-food ecosystem. This project will enhance the service portfolio and practices of innovation intermediaries and SME support networks across Europe. Read more about INNO-4-AGRIFOOD

  • FieldFOOD


    The ground-breaking FieldFOOD project will demonstrate the successful and real-scale introduction of Pulsed Electric Field (PEF) technology in the processing of plant based foods by developing flexible low-cost technology and methods. Read more about FieldFOOD

  • EuFooD-STA


    The ERASMUS+ Knowledge Alliance project will establish an independent “EuFooD-STA Centre” (virtual platform plus physical hubs) as a legal and organisational frame for international and sustainable collaborations between industry and academia in the food sector. Read more about EuFooD-STA

  • MyNewGut


    The MyNewGut project will research how the human gut microbiota and its genome (microbiome) influence obesity, behavioural- and lifestyle-related disorders and vice versa. It also aims to identify specific dietary strategies to improve the long-term health of the population. Read more about MyNewGut



    TRADEIT is a collaboration between researchers, food networks, traditional food SMEs, academic institutions, SME clusters, technology providers, food associations and entrepreneurial networks. The main objective of TRADEIT is to strengthen regional economies and the competitiveness of SMEs. Read more about TRADEIT

  • MUSE-Tech


    The MUSE-Tech project will bridge the gap between state of the art sensing technologies and industrial Process Analytical Technology (PAT) applications by demonstrating fitness for purpose of the versatile Multi Sensor Device (MSD). Read more about MUSE-Tech



    The CONNECT4ACTION project intends to improve the communication between consumers, consumer scientists, food technology developers, and other key players, in order to improve the success of food technology development and commercialisation in Europe. Read more about CONNECT4ACTION



    RECAPT: Increased cooperation between food scientists, food industry, retailers and caterers could lead to a higher degree of innovativeness across the food supply chain. Read more about RECAPT

  • Track_fast


    The training of well prepared food professionals, with the appropriate skills and competencies, is a continuous challenge in an industry which is the largest manufacturing sector in Europe Read more about Track_fast

  • NovelQ


    NOVEL Processing Methods for the Production and Distribution of High-Quality and Safe Foods Since March 1 2006, thirthy six project partners have joined forces in the new EU-funded Intergrated Project “NovelQ” which is designed to stimulate incremental innovations in novel food processing and packag Read more about NovelQ

  •  Exairdec


    The Exairdec project was concerned with the development of an innovative contaminated air purification solution for food preparation applications. Read more about Exairdec

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