EFFoST participates in many food related EU projects. We are responsible for the propagation of the knowledge gained in these projects. We have extensive experience in dissemination activities in EU funded projects. EFFoST has also developed publications and organizes events on topical issues of industrial relevance.

We are sustaining and creating a European network for knowledge transfer and use our existing network of food science and technology professionals to promote the project outcomes. Within EU projects we work closely with member societies and organisations to ensure that activities are synergistic and build on expertise and initiative at the local level. Furthermore, we work with governmental organisations such as the European Commission and the European Food Safety Authority. Our involvement in EU projects help us to achieve our ambitions and aims.

NOVEL Processing Methods for the Production and Distribution of High-Quality and Safe Foods Since March 1 2006, thirthy six project partners have joined forces in the new EU-funded Intergrated Project “NovelQ” which is designed to stimulate incremental innovations in novel food processing and packag





Start Programme

March 1, 2006


End Programme

February 28, 2011











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