2023 IFT-EFFoST International Nonthermal Processing Workshop & Short Course


2023-10-15 at 09:00


2023-10-17 at 17:00

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IFT/ EFFoST Workshop and Short Course on Nonthermal Processing - University of Minnesota in Minneapolis, USA.

The objective of this workshop is to address the complex challenges confronting the food industry, focusing on the application of sustainable circular economy principles through innovative nonthermal processing technologies. Moreover, it will facilitate the exchange of research progress and discussion on the positive impact of various nonthermal processing technologies in natural resource conservation, improve food safety, health preservation, and promote practices to meet sustainable development goals. Additionally, the workshop focuses on identifying emerging problems and needs, exploring the potential for implementing new technologies specific to food processing, and providing networking and collaboration opportunities. 

Every year, the European Federation of Food Science and Technology (EFFoST), collaboratively with the Nonthermal Processing Division of the Institute of Food Technologists (IFT-NPD), organize a workshop on non-thermal processing technologies to process foods that meets worldwide (North and South America, Europe, Australia, China). These processing technologies help to address the challenges faced by the global food industry including food safety, depletion of natural resources, climate change, and food waste. 

The EFFoST / IFT-NPD Workshop on Nonthermal Processing of Foods is the leading international forum for professionals from academia, industry, and government agencies to share the latest developments on nonthermal processing technologies and their applications in the food industry. 

For more information about submission and registrations, please visit the 2023 IFT-EFFoST International Nonthermal Processing Workshop & Short Course website

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