36th EFFoST International Conference 2022

Shaping the Production of Sustainable, Healthy Foods for the Future. 

Dublin, Ireland | 7-9 November 2021

The  36th EFFoST International Conference 2022 will be hosted by University College Dublin and supported by an independent scientific committee. We would like to invite you to EFFoST2022 that will be held in the city of Dublin, Ireland from 7-9 November 2022.

Healthy and sustainable food systems must be achieved as a matter of urgency to improve human health and the health of the planet. Ensuring that healthy eating equates to sustainable eating requires the collaboration of many stakeholders across the food chain. EFFoST 2022 aims to assemble a range of experts to articulate the challenges and advance our knowledge of how to produce and process healthy sustainable foods and mobilise citizens to make sustainable dietary choices.

Conference topics
Abstracts will be invited on the following topics. More information about the abstract submission deadline and the online abstract submission system will be provided in early 2022. 

The 36th EFFoST International Conference will explore the theme: Shaping the Production of Sustainable, Healthy Foods for the Future. This is further examined in the below-mentioned sub-themes and topics that highlight the expertise of our conference host, University College Dublin.

Green Food Processing to meet Future Food Production needs

  • Innovative and sustainable food processes
  • Robotics, automation, and control of food processes
  • Role of sensors and modelling in quality and process optimisation
  • Assuring a safe, authentic, and bio-secure food supply chain 

Appealing Foods to underpin a Sustainable Healthy Diet for Citizens    

  • Structuring/formulating to enhance appeal, sustainability and functionality
  • Bio-actives and secondary metabolites – generation and characterisation
  • Supporting consumers to select healthy, sustainable diets
  • Advances and challenges in alternative proteins

The Circular Economy across the Food Chain

  • Minimising water use and enhancing energy efficiency
  • Valorisation of side streams, food waste and by-products
  • Food packaging to safeguard food and the environment
  • The role of the Internet of things in the food chain

Each year the European Federation of Food Science and Technology (EFFoST) organises this prestigious academic food science and technology conference. Join world-renowned researchers, scientists, policy makers, professionals and students from multidisciplinary food-related fields to share the latest developments and create new partnerships.

More information to be provided soon.


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